MyTopSportsbooks: Sports Gender pay gap reports that women earn as low as 0.1% of Men's salaries in some sports, but social media followings and brand deals close the gap

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 10:01 AM CDT

BARCELONA, Spain, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MyTopSportsbooks released a report revealing the enormous pay gap between genders in the Sporting world.

While there has been progress in the general workplace gender pay gap, with a recent report citing women earn an average 84% of men's salary in the US, the sports world is a different matter.

The report shows HUGE pay gaps for each sport including the following-

  • Professional women basketball players  earn 0.9% of men on average
  • Women UFC fighters earn on average Half of what men make
  • Women soccer players earn a mere 4% of what men make
  • Professional Women Softball players earn a shocking 0.1% of of Men playing professional baseball

My Top Sportsbooks also reports on the controversial economic conclusion that "if you bring more money, you earn more money", and thus salaries are determined by the audience's willingness to watch and support the sport/players. Even justifications from Forbes such as pay disparities in baseball/softball and basketball come down almost entirely to the revenue their league generates.

The Report also explains a potential silver lining to close the gap: Endorsements. With the Rise of Social Media there are  some cases where  women are earning more than men through their social media following and brand sponsorships. This goes to show athletes with a positive influence and strong following can appeal to audiences outside their sport demographic and compensate their potential earnings through that.

The report also concluded that the earnings can vary a great deal by sport - Tennis for example has the smallest pay gap with Women earning 84% of Men's salaries, which is the only sports that is on par with the general US salary data.

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