The Renaissance Awards 2021: The First Awards Dedicated To Global Young Leaders Launches Globally On YouTube

Indya Moore Present A Special Digital Creator Award To Chella Man Exclusively On Instagram
Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 9:55 AM CDT

FLORENCE, Italy, Oct. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Eco-Age and Pulse Films are delighted to announce that The Renaissance Awards 2021 have now launched globally on YouTube. This is the first awards movie that celebrate young leaders progressing solutions to create a world that is Socially Just, Economically Inclusive, Environmentally Restorative and Technologically Balanced. The film, set in the iconic Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, uses augmented reality and special effects and is presented by Nile Rodgers, Colin Firth, Gisele Bundchen, Ahad Raza Mir and Annie Lennox and features an exclusive performance by Ben Harper.

The Renaissance Awards Digital Creator Award winner Chella Man
The Renaissance Awards Digital Creator Award winner Chella Man

Alongside the twelve leaders recognized in the movie, Eco-Age today announced the Instagram-exclusive, Digital Creator Award to celebrate a young leader using social media for social good by taking on global challenges with innovation, empathy, and earth awareness to implement authentic, deep change. This year's award goes to Chella Man, honouring this special moment through the presenting of the award, Indya Moore, transgender and non-binary actor and star of the critically acclaimed series Pose, and Chella Man engage in an exclusive intimate conversation, discussing the topic of representation, creating space and challenging perceptions, which is available to watch on Eco-Age's Instagram. The full-length interview is available to watch on Eco-Age's YouTube.

Each of the 13 awardees received an NFT* donated by strategic partner method, the NFTs will be minted on the Cardano blockchain and available for trading through Creating not only a unique award given to each awardee but also a considered prize award with a smart contract embedded that will ensure a percentage of the profits of all and any future sales in perpetuity will always come back to fund the enterprise of the young leader - a first of its kind and a new benchmark in award prize giving!

"A renaissance is made up of a lot of ideas - contagious ideas that spread and infect other, that grow, to make up an irreversible shift. This year the Renaissance awards reflect a reimagining, rebuilding, and reframing of such scale and opportunity that there is an obvious parallel. We refer to this specific moment as the Second Renaissance. We are pleased to announce that Chella Man is the winner of the Renaissance Awards Digital Creator Award, for inspiring a young generation on Instagram by normalizing the conversation around gender issues for disabled and LGBTQ youth. Through Chella's vulnerability in sharing his experiences online as a Deaf, genderqueer, trans-masculine, Chinese, and Jewish Artist, Author and Director, he is leading by example and boldly creating space to establish a new infrastructure for our world to operate on, promoting inclusivity and accessibility," Livia Firth, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Eco-Age.

"Through Chella's work as a Deaf, genderqueer artist, author and activist, he is a leading example of these values and in creating solutions for social injustice around the world."
Indya Moore

"This moment right here. I feel so appreciated and understood and present, and the world that I'm striving towards exists in this moment and I'm accepting that and that is change that feels so good you know. I'm so grateful for Eco-Age recognising me and just deeming me worthy of such an award and for allowing Indya and I to come together and have this cathartic chat. I will reflect on this moment; I will appreciate this moment and I am so happy it was recorded and I'm glad that it will be available and accessible to anyone who wants to watch." Chella Man

This event followed the digital green carpet with a difference, people from around the global came together to share message of support for these incredible young leaders, featuring stars such as Julianne Moore, Kevin Bacon, Stanely Tucci, Petra Nemcova, Eric Underwood, Ashley Greene and Alisha Wainwright and established industry figures including Jane Goodall and Satish Kumar.

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